WTF Framework Blazing fast and feature-rich PHP framework
LocGetter 7 Simple library for reactive getting user locations
docker-compose 5 bash script to run always up-to-date docker-compose docker, without system deps
yandex-tts-processor 3 Yandex Text to speech processor with cache and zipping all results
ro-ru-transliterator 1 Golang transliterator from romanian to russian
retrofit-2-call-preprocessor 1 Adapter for retrofit calls
docker-swagger-php 1 zircote/swagger-php dockerized
docker-phpunit 1 phpunit/phpunit with additional libraries
docker-curl 1 Dockerized curl with ca-certificates 1 Release, changelog and merge request generator for GitLab and GitHub. Usefull magic in one string :)
php-middleware-msgpack 0 PSR-7 middleware with
docker-unused-scanner 0 Unused scanner dockerized
docker-security-checker 0 SensioLabs Security Checker dockerized
docker-php-cs-fixer 0 dockerized
docker-nginx-proxy 0 Customization of
docker-composer 0 Dockerized composer
docker 0 docker:stable with additional tools
cibu 0 CI BUild helper